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Drabbles: 'Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck?!' HP/DM NC17[Aug. 3rd, 2007|08:04 am]

Title - Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck?!
Author - [info]softly_sweetly
Team - Death Eaters!
Word Count - 100 x 6
Rating - NC17
Warnings - Fluff, Slash, Cussing, Sex, *coughs*Voyeur!ducks*blushes*
Characters/Pairings - I'll give you three guesses…
Challenge - #28 'Ducks'
Author's Notes - Eleventh in the Joys Of Normal Living series

Harry gnawed on his lip, clutching the box between his hands and hovering on the front porch. He didn't see Draco being at all impressed by his first solo decision since they'd been married, but to be honest he'd had no choice. Casting a silencing charm over the box, Harry entered the house and yelled out to Draco, "I have a surprise for you! Give me twenty minutes to set it up, then come to the kitchen."

Harry smiled at Draco's happy yell of assent, and prayed that the blonde would be quite so cheery when he got his surprise.


Draco bounded into the kitchen and grinned at Harry, pulling the brunette into a kiss. "So, what's my surprise?"

Harry's grin was a little strained, and Draco felt a flutter of worry before Harry spoke, "Those four boxes. You have to lift the lids and tell me what's inside them."

Draco rolled his eyes at the odd request, but moved to the first box. Lifting the lid, he saw a chocolate duck. "Duck."

The second box had a yellow soap in the shape of a "Duck."

The third box contained a soft stuffed animal, "Duck."

The fourth box contained, "Duck?!"


Draco stared in horror down at the duck. The duck stared right back at him, before ruffling its feathers and quacking. That one quack seemed to poke all the little brown balls into life, and Draco's eyes got even wider as what he'd taken to be six balls of bedding actually turned out to be six ducklings. Six cute, fluffy ducklings, all looking about and quacking up at him.

Six ducklings and one duck, in a box on his kitchen table. Draco turned his gaze to Harry, raising one eyebrow and getting the expected rush of words from his husband.


"Draco, I know what you said about waiting a while before we got pets but the park…it's shooting season Draco! And the mummy duck would have been shot and the ducklings would have died without her and I couldn't let that happen! So I took them, and they can live in the back yard and I'll build them a pond and I'll look after them I promise, please?"

Speaking slowly and clearly, Draco tried to hide his mirth at Harry's begging like a child. "You…ducknapped these from the park?"

"They were going to shoot them! Please, can we keep them?"


Draco shook his head in exasperation, reaching down into the box and poking a duckling. It quacked indignantly, and he clucked his tongue softly by way of an apology, stroking the animal gently. "You'd have to name them all."

"The mother is called Kerith, and the ducklings are Brian, Ryan, Timoteo, Ron, Steven and Gabriel."

Draco finally let his grin crack through, looking up into Harry's eyes and nodding softly. "But if you think I am cleaning up duck shit, you have another thing coming."

Harry beamed, backing Draco up against the cabinets as he kissed him breathless in thanks.


Lay making love on the rug, when he rose up on his arms to get a better angle, Draco's eyes fell on the duckling stood in the doorway watching them. His rhythm faltered, and Harry's hand came up to his cheek. "What is it?"

"We have a voyeur."

Harry turned his head and grinned. "Shoo, Brian, your daddies are busy!"

Draco choked in shock, leaning down to nip his lover's lips. "That sounded so perverse!"

"Yeah, but it got rid of Brian."

Both men lost themselves into their coupling then, and neither noticed Brian returning with his siblings in tow…
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