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Drabble: 'Silver Lining' HP/DM PG13[Jul. 20th, 2007|06:31 am]

Title - Silver Lining
Author - [info]softly_sweetly
Rating - PG13
Word Count - 440
Characters/Pairings - Harry/Draco
Warnings - Highlight for warnings *MPreg, Slash, Flangst *
Disclaimer - I own nothing but the plot lines. I make no money from this, and mean no offence by any scene depicted within this story
Summary - Every silver lining must have a cloud
Author's Notes - Set in the Chronicles Universe, using prompt 66 of my [info]100quills table.

Other stories in the Chronicles Universe can be found here

Draco smiled as his twins danced around each other in the silvery smoke of the pensieve that they kept all the baby scans in. They both looked so healthy and happy, and Draco's hands moved automatically to cup his rounded abdomen.

Heading through to the kitchen, he leant on the counter and watched Harry and Nicholas making a snowman. He saw Nicholas' mouth move, watched as his son pointed to a mound of snow and inadvertently summoned it to him. With their genes, it had surprised no one when, just shy of his second birthday last October, Nicholas had begun to perform spontaneous magic.

Smiling as Harry bounded over and rescued Nicholas from the pile of snow, rolling about in the crisp white and laughing loud enough to be heard through the door, Draco wished he could be out there with them, enjoying the late February snow. But he was nearly six months pregnant, and twins were even harder on a male wizard than a single birth. He'd been ordered to keep out of the cold, and that was why he was watching his family play instead of being out there with them.

His smile sliding from his face, he remembered the Healer's words of caution. Words like premature, and illness. Words that made him fearful, and that made Harry over-protective.

Feeling his eyes fill with tears, Draco looked up, focusing on the clouds in the sky as he fought to keep the tears from falling. He didn’t notice what was going on outside, oblivious to movement until the door opened and Nicholas came barrelling towards him, cheeks rosy from the cold. "Daddy!"

Dropping down carefully, Draco smiled as he pulled off mittens that had stayed dry thanks to Harry's charms. "Hey baby! Did you have fun?"

"Yeah, n'Papa showed me to make snow angles!"

Laughing, Draco took off Nicholas' jacket and helped him out of his wellies. "Snow angles huh? Sure it wasn't snow angels?"

"Yeah, dem!"

Grinning wider, Draco accepted Harry's offered hand to stand up, and ran his hand through Nicholas' hair. "Want to go pick a game, and we'll play something inside?"

Nicholas bounded off, and Draco moved his hands to cup Harry's rosy cheeks. "Mmm, you're cold."

Running his cold nose up Draco's cheek and chuckling softly, Harry whispered against his skin. "Can I have a kiss to warm me up?"

"Later, lothario. Let's get Nicky down first."

As he turned to leave, Draco felt Harry's fingers wrap around his wrist, and he turned back to face the brunette when he spoke. "It wasn't as much fun out there without you."

"I should think not!"
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