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Strikethrough '07 Part Two?[Jul. 20th, 2007|06:53 am]

First off...Minxie, baby, you still alive? *goes to email*

Second off...

Are we being deleted again? Because deleting a fandom while it's members are all away from their computers kinda makes a perverse, cowardly sense.

However...more and more now I don't write Hogwarts-era fics. And I doubt I'll be deluged with plot bunnies for them when DH comes out. So, unless they try and strike me for things I've already written (of which, most of my Hogwarts-era stuff, like Bitten! isn't on here anyways...) I reckon I'm safe.

If I die, y'all can find me on greatestjournal *grin*

But I'm not going into hiding. If you're old enough to friend me, you are old enough to take responsibility for your own actions. If your parents object to you reading boy!sex, well...your parents should monitor your internet usage properly and not kvetch at me. Everything, bar one story that isn't on LJ, involves particpants who are over 16. Deal with it.

See you all on the other side.
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