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Deathly Hallows[Jul. 21st, 2007|04:21 pm]


I grew up with these books, and I love them dearly. I loved this book, and in parts it was so brilliant I cried laughing, or just plain cried when Remus and Tonks were revealed to be dead.

However, other parts left me cold. I'll start with those bits.

People were OOC. Not massively OOC. But some parts read like a fanfic – the author had the basic personality and character points down, but they just went too far. Ron wouldn't be as disrespectful to Molly as he was in the beginning, and he sure as all hell wouldn't have walked out on Harry. I hated that bit, truly hated it.

Harry wouldn't say what he did to Lupin, and it kind of hurts me that he was able to cast Crucio. Also…when'd he get so snarky with his relatives? He's never been that rude to them before. Not without serious provocation at least.

And Minxie? You were so right it wasn't even funny. When I read Molly Weasley calling Bellatrix a bitch, I got kicked out of the story so bad I had to go do something else for fifteen minutes.

But the bit that fucked me off the most? The bit that, at about 3AM had me vowing to never read or write another word of Harry Potter ever again?

The FUCKWIT editor who, on page 106 in the British edition, allowed us all to read about Miss Hermione Jean Granger. Fanfic beta's aren't paid, and their betaing talents aren't required for something that will make billions of pounds and sell millions of copies. There talents aren't required for a book that people have been waiting on for ten years.

Not one of them would have missed one of the lead character's names being wrong.

Then there were random words that made no sense, and missing words that destroyed whole sentences. This wasn't commas out of place; this was mistakes that meant entire paragraphs made no sense.

The Snape thing…there just wasn't enough of him. *sighs* but there never is. There wasn't enough Draco either.

Kay, there's probably more that pissed me off, but *shrugs* that's the big stuff. On to the good stuff.

When all my writing commitments are dealt with, I am starting an epic romance about the Potter and Malfoy families, finally joined through the passionate love of their scions. Albus Severus and Scorpius will have a love like no other, and it will unite the Wizarding world. I will move from being a Drarry shipper, to being a firm ASS shipper *smiles*

Disclaimer – if everyone else has pointed this out already…sorry, but I haven't read most posts on DH yet *grin*. And I'm not really abandoning the Drarry ship. If you cut out the epilogue, then their love can be canon. Dudes, the wand thing? Prompted about eleventy billion plot bunnies. And I'm getting Harry and Snape meeting in the ghostly Kings Cross station and battling back to the real world together, stopping regularly for kinky sex.

Seriously, the little asides in that book…the subtexts were brilliant. There was the nod to Bella and Voldemort being a couple (Bella spoke to him as a lover, and he screamed when she died), there was other things I have forgotten…*is quite tired*

I liked that Albus seemed to be evil for most of it (I accept he wasn't, btw). I liked that we finally got to see his flaws – I still cannot stand that man, but I can understand his actions slightly. He will still be the bad guy in my fics, btw. And Ginny will still be a Harry-drugging, secret-Death-Eater whore. And Harry'll still be in love with Draco (Severus/Lucius/Kingsley/Charlie/Bill/The Twins/Voldemort…). That's just the way things will be *smiles*

Some of the stuff, fandom anticipated. Snape doing what he did because he loved Harry Lily, Kingsley becoming Minister for Magic, Percy redeeming himself…they were all good bits.

There's prolly a load I've forgotten, but I'll randomly bring it up later. I do know this though. I'm both pleased with the ending of the books and heartbroken that they have ended.

It just has no bearing on the fanfiction world I live in. To be honest, canon and fandom are so far removed in my mind, that I intend to only use the bits of DH I liked. I've been bastardizing canon for months, I see no reason why that should change. My Harry is going no where with the Weaslette, no amount of DH readings will change fanon.

So sound off here people – tell me what you liked, what you disliked, and how much you loved the twins and giggled helplessly every time they were mentioned, then sobbed like babies when Fred died.

But most importantly, tell me y'all will be incorporating or disregarding DH and keeping our fandom alive.

Love your confirmed, never to be removed, Drarry- and ASS-shipping


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