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Happy Birthday <lj user[Jul. 31st, 2007|06:26 am]

Title - Secretarial Duties
Author - [info]softly_sweetly
Beta - The Peerless [info]potion_lady
Rating - NC17
Word Count - 1405
Characters/Pairings - Kingsley/Neville
Warnings - Highlight for warnings *Sex, Slash, Cussing, Implied D/s, Cross-dressing, Desk!Sex, Exhibitionism, Dirty Talk, Role Play*
Disclaimer - I own nothing but the plot lines. I make no money from this, and mean no offence by any scene depicted within this story
Summary - Kingsley and Neville indulge in a little risqué fun…
Author's Notes - Happy birthday [info]suntzu_s - have a great day darling!

Kingsley headed towards his office, glancing at his secretary's desk and frowning when he found it empty. Opening the door to his office, he had it closed behind him before he noticed the person stood by the window. Shoulder-length brown hair just brushed the top of a pale green silk blouse. The blouse was tucked neatly into the tightest skirt Kingsley had ever seen, grey material clinging to firm, plump buttocks and skimming the tops of shapely thighs, revealing an enticing band of lace and the bottoms of suspender belts.

Kingsley's eyes followed the seam of the stockings down over smooth, lean legs and into shiny black stilettos. He cleared his throat, smiling as the figure dropped a pen and bent down to pick it up, pulling firm buttocks so taut Kingsley half-feared and half-hoped the skirt would split.

Straightening up, Neville took his time turning round, moving the pen to tap against his lips and looking at Kingsley through his lashes. "Minister."

Clearing his throat again, Kingsley took a step forward and arranged his face into a stern expression. "Is there a reason you aren't at your desk?"

"The latest amendment to Bill Seventy-Five came in, and there are some memos that need your attention."

Stepping around his desk, Kingsley gestured to the chair in front of it, sitting down in his own high-backed executive and rearranging his trousers over his half-hard cock. He looked up just in time to see Neville crossing his legs, revealing a hint of blue lace before his thighs pressed primly together, and smirked knowingly as Neville began reading through the list of memos.

Kingsley wasn't concentrating on the words; he was watching the slick of gloss shine as Neville's lips moved, focusing on the way Neville had nipped the blouse in with the skirt to create the illusion of a more defined waist and a slight chest. Neville was still playing with his pen, running it teasingly close to his lips and occasionally flicking his tongue out and over the end. He unfolded his legs and re-crossed them, giving Kingsley another flash of blue lace before he leant forwards and pushed a diagram in front of Kingsley. At that angle, Kingsley could see right down the front of Neville's blouse, could see the slightly-defined chest and the two silver hoops Neville wore as a mark of his ownership, along with the thin leather band around his neck.

The brunette stood up, his heels clicking on the parquet floor as he moved around to Kingsley's side of the desk, leaning forward to gesture at something on the diagram. Kingsley saw his chance and took it, wrapping large hands around Neville's hips and pulling his younger lover roughly into his lap. He grunted as Neville's firm arse pressed against his covered erection, and groaned full out when the brunette began to writhe on his lap.

"Minister! Minister, this is…I'll report you! You can't do this!"

"I'm the Minister of Magic in Great Britain – I can do what I like."

Neville squirmed harder, unable to break away from Kingsley's tight grip. "This is sexual harassment! I'll sue!"

Chuckling, Kingsley moved one arm to cover Neville's waist and keep him pinned while the other moved to stroke at Neville's thigh, beautifully exposed by the slit in the skirt. He enjoyed the contrast of his hand, the colour of the expensive chocolate he loved to feed Neville, against the smooth, creamy thigh of his lover. Inching it higher, he stroked the very tip of his index finger over the lace-covered bulge of Neville's cock. "Read your contract, Miss; your job is keeping me happy."

"By filing! Not…not…"

"Not taking my prick into that sweet little arse?"

Neville gasped, renewing his squirming attempts to get up until Kingsley's hand moved further up, fully covering his desperate prick and squeezing rhythmically. His head dropped back onto Kingsley's shoulder and he let out a guttural moan as Kingsley's thumb rubbed the patch of damp lace against the head of his prick. "Merlin…"

"Much better. Now stand up and lean over the desk, you'll get your dues for being such a teasing little slut."

Neville moved obediently, resting his hands on the desk and bending slightly at the middle. He whimpered as Kingsley's hands ran all over his arse, cupping and squeezing his buttocks, landing a few slaps on for good measure too. He felt strong fingers slide between his thighs, pushing his legs open to stabilise him and give Kingsley access. The older man rubbed his prick a little, adjusting the panties so that the elastic rested under the head of his prick, keeping it pressed tight against his belly so his come would drench his happy trail.

Taking the hem of the grey skirt, Kingsley rolled it up until it was bunched high on Neville's waist, getting his first proper look at the lace panties encasing his lover's arse and cock. "Very pretty, but hardly appropriate for work. You'll be reprimanded, Miss Longbottom."

"S~sorry…sorry, Minister."

"Not good enough. Perhaps if the panties were ripped, you wouldn't be tempted to wear them again."

Taking his silver letter opener, Kingsley traced it down the crease of Neville's buttocks, ripping the material as Neville whimpered with need. Sliding the fingers of his right hand past the lace, Kingsley draped over Neville's back and used his left hand to pop the buttons on the blouse. "Naughty little girl, have you been fingering yourself on Ministry time?"

"Yes…yes, I’ve been so naughty, Minister!"

Licking a wet patch along Neville's neck, Kingsley nipped the lobe of his ear and ground out, "If your hands move from that desk, you will be fired, understand?"


"Yes what?"

"Minister! Yes, Minister."

The blouse finally open, Kingsley plucked at the silver hoops as he twisted and turned his fingers inside Neville's accommodating arse, still licking and biting at his neck.

"Minister…the windows…"

Looking up, Kingsley stared at the large windows that formed the wall of his office, allowing him to see out into the corridor and open-plan office where his secretaries and some deputies worked. They were tinted to give him some privacy, but you could still see in from the other side, and Kingsley gave his fingers an extra twist to press into Neville's prostate. "Worried the others will see you? Shouldn't dress like such a whore. They'll watch you get fucked and learn that the dress code is not to be ignored."

Neville's head dropped forwards, a blush creeping up his cheeks even as he moaned and writhed on the three fingers buried inside him. He knew what Kingsley was waiting for, but he held out as long as he could before finally his resolve crumbled. "Minister! Please…oh please, fuck me!"

The words were his consent, and Kingsley withdrew his fingers, not caring about the sticky mess he made of his trousers as he fumbled the fly down and released his aching cock. Curling his fingers around it, Kingsley positioned himself, then jolted forward in a sharp, firm thrust, making Neville scream as he was split open. "That's right; scream loud enough that they all know what you're doing."

Neville did scream, writhing and pushing back to meet Kingsley's thrusts, desperate to touch his cock but resolute not to break the rules. The steady stimulation, the slip and slide of that tasty glans over his prostate was stimulation enough, and Neville let his mouth run away as he careened closer and closer to completion. "Minister…gonna…gods, gonna come!"

He was close himself, and Kingsley moved his hand back to pluck and flick at the silver hoops. "Then come, stain the desk…come for me."

The tight, rippling heat was breath-taking, and Kingsley filled Neville in spurt after spurt as the brunette whimpered with the after-effects of his own climax. When standing got to be too difficult, Kingsley pulled Neville up and against him and sat back down, keeping them connected as they gasped for breath in his chair.

Turning his head to nuzzle against Kingsley's neck, Neville smiled softly and spoke into sweat-slick skin. "That was fun."

"Mmm, maybe one day we'll do it during working hours."

Laughing, Neville let his eyes slip closed as Kingsley buried his face in his hair. Both relaxed and satiated, neither noticed the short, Northern, wearer-of-pants night cleaner pressed up against the window and fogging up the glass, her mop and bucket forgotten in favour of watching the show.
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